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Basic Mini Rex Information

The mini-rex rabbit is a very diminutive rabbit with a maximum senior show weight of only 4 1/2 pounds for does and 4 1/4 pounds for bucks. Its body is rather short and close coupled. The top body line rises gradually from the base of the ears to a high point over the center of the hips and then rounding downwards to the base of the tail. When viewed from the tail end, a Mini Rex is approximately as wide as it is high. When viewed from above, the body tapers down slightly from the hips to the shoulders. The ears are rather short and thick and are carried erect.

The fur is one of the most notable features of this breed. The guard hairs are the same length as the underfur giving an extremely plush, silky, feeling to it when stroked. The fur has a lustrous appearance and has a distinct springy feel when depressed. The fur type has earned the Mini Rex the name "velveteen Rabbit."

ARBA standards recognizes many colors/varieties for the Mini Rex including: black, blue, castor chinchilla, chocolate, himalayan, lynx, opal, red, seal, tortoise, white, lilac and broken pattern. Breeders are continually trying to develop new colors.

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